Through program content, the Art of Listening, and the power of consultation, program graduates overcome their racial prejudices and come to understand the need to work for change.For more than thirty years,

Healing Our Nation (HON)

has been a catalyst for addressing racism

in cities across the United States.

Our programs have trained thousands of people, from government agencies to universities, from corporations to Native American communities to churches and grassroots groups. We offer multi-levels programs that take participants from understanding to strategic planning, from personal empowerment to institutional change, from participant to trainer.

 Associate Dean of Students, Knox College, IL: The curriculum empowers the non-dominant culture while creating an empathetic and caring paradigm shift for the dominant culture. A delicate blend of audiovisuals, literature, facilitated exercises and discussion groups appeal to both auditory and visual learners.

School Principal, Dover DE:  This is the first program that I have attended where I have not been blamed or shamed for what I did or did not do. I was shown how I was conditioned to participate in racism and what I need to do to overcome that conditioning.

Getting Started

Part One: Three hours

My World without Racism

  • Helps participants recognize how people are conditioned to participate in racism.

  • Takes the shame and blame out of this engaging educational process, using left and right brain activities to achieve new levels of understanding.        

Continuing the Journey

Part Two: Three hours

My World without Racism

  • Helps participants vision what their world would look like without racism.

  • Identifies areas where each individual can make a difference.

Healing Our Nation

Offering programs that free the mind and comfort the heart.

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Advanced Programs