Level 2: Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism©

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-interracial-global-cooperation-rice-image7809492As Making Sense of Racism graduates recognize how prejudices have become institutionalized into our nation’s institutions, they are inspired to take more decisive action, starting with themselves.

Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism takes this process further by giving tools to address the fears that one must confront to remain committed to a new level of consciousness.

This course:

  • Strengthens the recognition of humanity’s oneness and how working collectively can create a better world for everyone, especially ourselves.
  • Helps participants experience how the inability to take effective action for justice can be blocked by unresolved emotions.
  • Demonstrates how these unresolved emotions are manipulated so that people unwittingly participate in the systematic mistreatment of other groups as well as their own.

I am able to express myself in meetings and conversations in a way that serves as an ally for my brothers and sisters without being offensive or militant, but creates an awareness of attitudes and actions that perpetuate oppression.  Web designer, Kalamazoo, MI


Building Partnerships is a twenty four-hour program. It can be experienced in:

  • six four-hour segments
  • three eight-hour days
  • long weekend

Number of participants: six to twenty-four people.

We recommend taking this program to enhance your skills in the course work of Strategic Action to Overcome Racism. Building Partnerships can be taken before or after Strategic Planning or Healing the Internalized Oppression programs.

Building Partnerships is a perquisite for our Train-the Trainer for Making Sense of Racism.


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