Level 1: Making Sense of Racism©

Rational vs Emotional concept. Words printed on note paper and attached to rope with clothes pins.

Making Sense of Racism, our basic level program, explores how people are conditioned to participate in racism. It assists participants in recognizing the complexity of racism and helps them to become more effective when dealing with people who don’t.

Making Sense of Racism reveals how emotional hurts play a role in the choices and behaviors one has regarding racism. Armed with the Cycle of Conditioning as an analytic tool, participants discern how they have been conditioned to participate in oppression.

This program also enhances participants’ communication skills through the use of The Art of Listening and Large Group Consultation. These two processes allow participants to discuss issues honestly without fear of attack or blame. These two processes are used throughout all of our programs. We use multimedia presentations, along with lecture/dialogue, and experiential exercises.

Making Sense of Racism has twelve three-hour segments. Each segment can be presented as a stand alone program.

The President’s Initiative on Race  I was most impressed with your approach and your mastery of the dynamics and subtleties of racial dialogue….it was clear that your method of combining large group discussions with intensive one-on-one listening and sharing has a powerful effect on people….My impression about the transformative potential of your work was further strengthened when I reviewed your curriculum. The perspective it adopts is quite sophisticated, and at the same time very accessible. I would hope that everyone in the race dialogue field finds ways to so powerfully connect personal experience to efforts to foster institutional change.

Division Manager, Lucent Technologies  What I found most effective was the way in which the material was delivered, specifically building concepts upon one another to prepare participants for the next significant “teachable moment.


3 to 6 Hour Introductory Program–My World without Racism


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