Establish an Healing Our Nation Network Chapter to educate and organize citizens to eradicate racism.

For the past thirty years, Healing Our Nation has assisted communities recognize the oneness of humanity and overcome racism.

During this process, we discovered that branding our programs and developing an organizational structure to organize graduates to more effectively work for change would assist our nation to eradicate racism from our institutions. Healing Our Nation Network (HONN) has been created to fulfill those needs.

This non-profit, membership organization will:

  • Present HON’s four levels of educational programs that give knowledge and skills to eradicate racism within the institutions of our nation.

  • Support the local program graduates who are well-trained and inspired to work for racial justice.

  • Connect local HONN chapters as they are established nationwide to share their successes in eradicating racism where they live, work, and pray.

For more information:

email: usa@HealingOurNation.com