Rita Starr, Program Designer

As Rita Starr grew to understand the complexity of racism in the United States, she decided to help others by breaking racism down into understandable pieces. The result of this forty year commitment is the continuous development of Healing Our Nation and its programs. As program designer and lead trainer, she has worked with thousands of people to develop this important, impactful work, each step analyzing what individuals needed to support their commitment and success in addressing racism where they lived, worked, and prayed.

Her recent books:

Making Sense of Racism succinctly captures crucial information for understanding the complex dynamics of racism.

This book is for anyone who is curious and wants to learn more, as well as for those who are already passionate about racial justice. This moving book hooked me in with stories that engaged my heart and mind. Rita Starr shows clearly how racial conditioning happens and how our personal healing is enhanced by challenging racism and standing up for justice. Amazon Customer

Making Sense of Racism can be ordered in paperback on this website or in a Kindle format from Amazon.com.

Her newest book, Spiritual Principles for Overcoming Racism, will be available June, 2017.